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Welcome to the RedM section of the SuperNovaNetwork.  

After years of experience with game development, community building and Roleplay, we decided to bundle our strengths and make a place for everyone to have a unique experience.

Our goal is to make a world in which people can tell their own story, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We take the RP and any story seriously, our focus lays with guidance, communication, fairness and transparency with and for the community.

The Staff team is international and has around the clock coverage, any issues can therefore be addressed within 24 hours. They are highly dedicated players with experience in both RP and community management. They are here to guide people into the world of RP, as there is a learning curve to it. We do respectfully ask that if you encounter any Staff in the server, to be mindful that they are there as a player and to bring any issues, concerns or suggestions in through tickets, as to not break emersion.

The Development Team is a highly dedicated team with a wide variety of skills. They work around the clock on improving and maintaining the server, they volunteer their time to make this server unique and enjoyable. They will be announcing updates and fixes as they finish them. Please be patient with them, they work hard, if there hasn't been an update in a while it is because they are working on things. They have a lot on their plate and work tirelessly.

The Community is open to 18+ players, anyone is welcome. We do expect people to be the adults that they are and seek guidance and mediation from the Staff team before issues arise and situations get out of hand. The world of RedM RP is amazing however things may get intense and understandably people can get upset. Remember it is a game and a world we each enjoy, the real world is stressful enough as it is. Who knows, that situation that had you upset may result in a beautiful friendship.